Monday, 17 April 2017

Meet Vivian, The Pretty Groundnut & Banana Seller and an Undergraduate of N.O.U.N

I lost my smartphone last week Thursday, and my Laptop developed a fault on Saturday, so I had gone to the University of Ibadan (U.I) to see if I could get on the Internet at a Cyber Cafe. Most of the ones I was directed to were closed, and then on my way to a barber shop, I saw this neatly arranged tray of Bananas and Groundnut. I looked up at the person selling them, and there was something about the girl that made me believe she had a story people would love to hear.

After getting the haircut, I walked up to her and bought groundnut and then told her I wanted to write about her. She agreed to give me audience, and then I found out she had been helping her mom out with the trade since she was in Secondary school, and now she more or less handled it herself. She got into the National Open University of Nigeria, Ibadan campus to study Theology in 2013/2014 session, and continued with the banana and groundnut business.

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