Tuesday, 12 July 2016

13 Things Nigerian Bachelors are Tired of Hearing

Yes, yes, I just had to write this. I, and I am sure the other Nigerian bachelors out there are tired of hearing some things from friends, family, and strangers. By the way, when I say Bachelor, I mean a man who is socially regarded as able to marry, but has not yet tired the knot. Okay, let's get right into it. Below are 13 things I am sure Nigerian bachelors are tired of hearing.

1.  You Mean You Don't Even Have a Girlfriend?
Hello!!! I just told you I am single...does being single have another meaning?

2.  Go and Marry
Oya, carry me to the alter and make sure you come with a bride. Marriage is not child's play, and the same people urging you on to marry will be the same people asking why you went and got married when you can't buy pampers for your child.

3.  What are You Waiting For?
I am waiting for you to hit me in the head with a stick so I wake up and realize that 'marriage is a must.' Of cos I know about the advantages of marriage, but I can't just jump into it if I am not ready.

4.  You Will Receive Blessing from God After You Marry
Hmm! Okay, maybe this might be true, but where will I get the money to feed the hundreds of people that would come for my wedding before God blesses me?

5.  Unmarried Men are Seen as Being Irresponsible
Okay. I am willing to live with that for now.

6.  When Are You Going to Marry?
Well, to be honest I don't know. But what I do know is that marriage is not something you just jump into.

7.  You Can't be Happy and Fulfilled Without Marriage
Says who? You?

8.  Do You Want to be Going for PTA Meetings in Your 50s?
Well, if it comes to that, I am sure I won't find any problem in doing so.

9.  Don't You Want to Enjoy Times with Your Grown Children While Still Young Yourself?
I get this from my friend Sola all the time. He keeps saying, won't you like to be in your mid 40s, looking sharp, and driving around town with your 19 year old son, looking like you are brothers. I can see how that can be appealing to some, but really, we all don't want the same things in life.

10.  Do You Want to be Looking for University Tuition Fees for Your Children in Your 60s?
If it comes to that, I won't have to look for, cos I am sacrificing not getting married right now so I can attain financial freedom. So, by then, I would even be able to sponsor 1,000 children through college if I wanted to.

11.  Marriage is the Ultimate Goal in Life
Oh, that's funny. Maybe that's why some people get divorced a few years after marriage. I guess after hitting the ultimate goal, they became complacent and stopped aspiring for anything else.

12.  You're Such a Great Guy...How Come You're Single?
Well, I choose to be single.

13.  If You Die Tomorrow, Your Linage Ends 
I won't lie, this one kinda hits me hard. Of cos I want to have kids and have my lineage grow, and have a long family tree. But, really, I am willing to take the risk. So, if I do die before I get to have a child, so be it. At least I won't have lived a selfish life...I have given so much to this world in terms of books, articles, and blog posts, and they will live on and educate and entertain people born and yet unborn. My name will live on; that's for sure.

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