Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My First Experience of Juju (Black Magic)

Do you believe in Juju? Personally, I still don't believe in it, but I would like to narrate a story to you which happened about 18 years ago. I believe you give anything power over you when you believe in it, so I like to tell people I do not believe in black magic. The truth is that I do recognize that there is some form spiritual powers out there, but I also believe that we all have powers too. If you let your guard down, and start believing some spiritual forces can harm you, you have just relinquished YOUR powers to it, and made yourself an easy target. I take full responsibility for any bad events that come to my life because I believe we are a result of our past thoughts and actions. This helps me eliminate any beliefs that their are evil forces working towards stopping me from achieving my goals in life. Okay, I think I am going round and round in a circle, let me just go straight to the story.

I was about 15 years old, and we had a burial to attend in Ayepe (a village in Ijebu Ode/Ogun Sate). Me, my siblings and my cousins all cramped ourselves up in my Dad's red Mercedes Benz 200, and headed out around mid-day. The journey took just about an hour. This was around 1995, before Lagos Ibadan became prime real estate for most church camp sites.

All the formal parts of the burial ceremony had already been performed before we got there, and it was time for merriment. As you know, Ijebu people like to party, so it was a feast. You also know Ijebu people are known for something else, which happens to be the topic I am writing about.

I've always liked to keep to myself, and while I was sitting in a corner, looking around for anything interesting to feed my eyes, I heard some men in white arguing with a lady. I looked around and it was like I was the only one seeing this because no one else was looking that way. I knew the lady as one of our relatives, so i moved closer. I heard them arguing about schnapps and some money or so. The lady was bickering with the men, repeating the words- 'Ko sin nko ti ele se' (there is nothing you can do) several times. I watched my steps as I got closer; it had rained earlier, and the dirt road was all muddy. The lady walked off, and the men walked into a bungalow close by. As a very inquisitive kid, I followed them in. I was wearing white on white, just like they were, so it was easy for me to blend in.

Two of the men went into an inner room, and the other two dragged a sort of wide metallic bucket from under a table (I can't really remember how the container looked) in the center of the room. The other two men hurried back out with something in their hands. I wanted to run out, as I was fearful of what they would do to me if they saw me, but my curiosity to find out what was happening didn't let me leave. I blended with the white painted wall, and watched as they shouted out some incantations. After about 3 minutes, they pulled a material they had placed on the bucket, and immediately thy did that, rain started falling outside. People were running for cover all over, and I used that to quickly make my way out the room.

I later discovered that they were the rain-holders (I don't know if that's the right term to use to qualify them), and weren't paid well, so they withdrew their services. I had seen most of what they had done with my own eyes, and it became scary to me. I watched people run helter-skelter as the rain came down heavy. It was frightening that I knew the perpetrators of the act. What was more frightening was how I was going to tell anyone about what had just happened. Thank God I didn't have to. I stood at a distance and watched the bungalow, till I saw an elderly man approaching the place. He walked briskly like he knew what had just happened. After a couple of minutes, he came out with the four men. They started scanning the area, and I took off before their eyes came to where I was.

"Olumide!" I heard someone call my name, and it made me jump. I blinked the rain water out my eyes, and saw it was my cousin. She asked me where I had been, and I lied that I needed to get something in car, and couldn't get it open. She volunteered to help, and we headed towards the car; walking at the edge of the house, dodging the rain as much as we could. As we passed the front of the bungalow, I looked up, and saw the men pointing at something or someone. I followed their gaze, and saw it was my Mom they were pointing at. My brain went to walk immediately. My Mom had the same physique as the woman they had been arguing with earlier, and the fact that everyone from our side of the family had the same dress-type on, it convinced them that my mom was the person they were looking for.

I dashed off into the rain, living my cousin wondering if I had gone mad. I quickly narrated the story to my Mom, and without asking one question further, she quickly followed me back to where the men were standing. She approached them with a cheerful smile, and asked if they wanted anything. They looked at each-other; confused, and wondering if this was the same person they had a problem with earlier. My Mom quickly called one of my uncle's to get her Schnapps for the old men, and also some food. They smiled and greeted my Mom warmly. She stayed there till everything needed was given to the men, and they thanked her before going in. A few minutes after they went back into the bungalow, the rain stopped.

My Mom begged the lady that the men had been arguing with to go and apologize to the men, but she got even angrier, and started shouting at at every one in the village; calling them names. Lashing out at everyone; young and old. A couple of weeks after that day, the lady died in a car accident along Lagos-Ibadan express. She was the only one that died in the crash. I am not saying there is black magic out there, I just wanted to narrate this story and get some feedback from people. What do you believe really happened? By the way, this story is 100% truth, and not fiction.

Meet Queen Okafor- One of The Hairiest Women in Nigeria

This news is everywhere, but since the lady said she wants her story to to go far and wide, I decided to put it up here too. And ofcos, this is definitely out of the ordinary. Queen Okafor is one of the hairiest women you will ever meet in Nigeria, and she wears her look proudly. Read her story below-

“My name is Queen Nonyerem Okafor. I am from Anambra State. We are five children from our parents, three girls and two boys. I inherited the hairs from my mum and it runs in the family. Once you get to 21 to 23 years  in our family, you start experiencing hair growth. I am 26 years old now, when I was in secondary school, much hairs were not on my body. It started when I finished my secondary school. I am not granting you this interview as if I need help or money, no! I want to tell my story and what it means to be a hairy woman. All I need is for an NGO to take up my case as a woman with abnormal conditions and also to act in the movie industry.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Pastor W.F Kumuyi Says Christmas is a Pagan Celebration

W.F Kumuyi, General Overseer of Deeper Life Bible Church, recently spoke against the celebration of Christmas by Christians. He said Christmas celebration came from an idolatrous background and is not celebrated in his church. I actually do know that Christmas originated from past Pagan religions, but I think maybe he shouldn't have said this...ignorance is bliss. People ignorant with most of the relations of some old Pagan religion doctrines and Christianity have been in bliss, but this might make them start questioning some other things. He might just have opened a can of worms with his statement. Read his words below, before i speak further on this-

“We don’t celebrate Christmas. It actually came from idolatrous background. That is why you don’t hear us sing what they call Christmas carol, Never. We always say it is the December retreat. We are only gathering together because it is the holiday period and love the lord more, and rededicate ourselves more...When you find anybody coming in, or any leader trying to introduce the idolatry of mystery Babylon that they call Christmas and you want to bring all the Christmas carol, saying that it is the day that Jesus was born, and you don’t find that in the Acts of Apostles or in the early church, then you don’t find that in the church either. If you don’t know that before, now you know.”

Those were his words from the podium during the church’s Annual National Convention, on December 21.Thinking of the fact that this man went to the same school as my mom (Mayflower Secondary School, Ikene)in the 50s, which Pastor Okonkwo of TREM also attended, it makes me wonder if he maybe he has a hidden agenda. These men went to Tai Solarin’s school, who was an atheist and thought his students to be self reliant, free of dependence on a God or religion of any sort. It’s funny that 2 pastors of big churches in Nigeria came out of that School.

Anyway, before I digress from the topic at hand, I should say that I still feel he shouldn't have said what he said about Christmas. The thing is that it is not only the celebration of Christmas that early Christians borrowed from the Pagans. The fact is that in those days, you were either a Jew or a Pagan. Most Pagans didn't want to convert to Christianity, so the Roman power at the time adopted and adapted Pagan traditions and holidays into the Christian religion, to make the Pagans more comfortable crossing over.

Easter celebration too is from an idolatrous background. Ishtar, which Easter was coined from, was a Babylonian and Assyrian idol goddess. Ishtar was in fact primarily identified as Venus, the most beautiful of Celestial objects, and from the terrestrials side, the primary motive of the worship of Ishtar was the impulse to deify sensuality.

December 25, which is marked as Jesus birthday is also of Pagan origin. Horus, the mythical Egyptian god that was worshiped in Egypt and its environs around 3000 BC, was said to have been born around the time of the Winter Solstice- December 25. This is the day when sun gods of many pre-christian cultures were said to have been born, as it is the shortest day of the year , and thus signifies LIGHT OVERCOMING DARKNESS.

As i said earlier, these are very delicate issues that can affect the belief of any Christian, so maybe they should have been left alone...he shouldn't have given the reason why they don’t celebrate Christmas in his church. Cos, if he can agree to the fact that Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, then there are a lot other theories that have been laid forward in the past challenging authenticity of some christian doctrines that can be dug up again.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Mountain Of Fire Church Plan to Close Down All Beer Parlors in Lagos

Haha! Is that even possible? Anyway, it will be very interesting to see what happens as they try. The crusade is tagged, 'Overcoming The Storm', and it was initiated by the Regional Pastor (Pastor Aderemi Oseni)  for Region 32 MFM, Ogba, Lagos. Read his words below-

"We want to convert beer parlors into our praying centers. At the end of the crusade, the kingdom of darkness would be depopulated completely. I am aware that powers of darkness have converted major roads to shrines in this environment. We want to pull down all shrines"

They are kicking off in Ogba, and would cover every other part of Lagos. But I still don't know how they plan to accomplish this. How do you close down a business? You might as well just go to the top, and stop Nigerian Breweries and Guinness from producing in Nigeria. You can't forcefully close down a beer parlor, which the owner would probably have paid rent money for where he sues, and other charges to the local government. As I said, I would love to read about how the outcome of the exercise. By the way, the crusade kicked off today, the 19th of December. So, if you stay in Ogba and its environs, look out for the protesting group from MFM.

Nigerians...The Biggest Sets of Hypocrites in the World

I was just on linda ikeji’s blog and read about the senate passing a bill to ban Same-Sex Marriage in Nigeria. Okay, before i go on, I have to clarify something. I wrote some things about gay people in the past and some people on my Facebook were calling and asking if I was gay...No, I’m not; I’m straight like a ruler. I just believe in equal rights in every way possible. Why is it okay for the same senate to OKAY marriages between an adult and a child, but have a problem with two adults wanting to be together? At least the two adults are fully aware of what they are doing...the kid that the man is marrying is being married off against her will. And people want to play the moral card when fighting gay people.

I read a lot of people on Linda's blog celebrating, and saying the senate had done a good thing. Human beings on there were condemning other people to hell, and wishing death on them because they don’t understand why those people are the way they are. Why would you bring morals into it when you are not morally upright yourselves? I read comments from this same people on a daily, speaking about their promiscuous lives, and celebrating it on the blog...commenting on various pictures of dicks Linda puts on there every now and then, and yet you want to claim moral uprightness?

You hear people in Nigeria condemning America and other countries in the world that are okay with Same-Sex marriage, saying those people have been condemned to hell, and thanking God that Nigeria is a good country with very religious people. lol!  Its so’s so funny that its the one that is super religious that is going through hell, and the one that is carefree and liberal that is in paradise. I don’t think there is any other country with this level of hypocrisy in the world. You have at least two churches on every street, and maybe one Mosque. You have traffic on the Lagos-Ibadan road every last Friday of the month, because millions of people are going to religious camps...tens of millions, yet you have an increase level of promiscuity in the country, increasing level of corruption (even though the countries president also goes to the camp to worship), high level of fraud, and also increasing level of various types of crimes in the country. Evil people with evil hates, and hate for their neighbours are everywhere, and they claim to be CHRISTians.

I always like to ask people some times; Okay, lets say there is really a hell after death, are there going to be different types of hell? Are there going to be different levels of hell? Maybe people with just little sin will go to the hell were the flames will be milder and the serious sinners will go to the place were fire burns their skin out right out? What? Tell me. It’s just so funny to think of sometimes. And I get angry at people some times for their hypocritical ways. Nigeria reminds of of one of my neighbours who wants to take our issue up to the street meeting, because she feels we have too many female visitors. Yet, she...Okay, maybe I shouldn't talk about her, cos someone might be reading that knows where I stay. But what I am trying to say is this- ‘Why paint a saintly picture of yourself so as to condemn others, while your heart is evil?”

I was once approached by a gay guy, and was really disgusted about it, so don’t think I am all comfy with seeing men holding hands up and down the streets. But, because I do not understand them doesn't mean I should hate and condemn them. Maybe that’s the thing...we do not understand them. A girl once told me- ‘You can’t understand them because you are not gay.’ And that’s true. I don’t know...maybe as some people say, a chemical imbalance in the brain made some men like men, and some women like women, but it is not a fad. Homosexuality IS NOT CONTAGIOUS!!! I think people need to understand that. It is funny when people say they are fighting gay people so that gay people wont take over the world and turn everyone gay. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE. You cannot wake up one morning and say you want to be gay...that is not how you are wired. I love women and everything about women, and can never be attracted to men that way, but it doesn't give me a right to hate men who are attracted to other men.

I don’t know why I am taking this issue so serious. I guess its cos I have been different from the pack too before, and I know how it can be. Now I dye my hair, but I have always had a patch of grey hair on the right side of my hair. And all through primary and secondary school, I was ridiculed and laughed at. Called different names. Although my case cannot be compared to that of Gay people, I know how it feels to be different...I have an idea.

I’m sorry if reading this article has left a sour taste in your mouth; I guess I just had to get it out of mine.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Crazy Pedophilia Stories

A lot of crazy things happen in this world. Well, maybe I shouldn't use the word Crazy...It might just be out of the ordinary to people of this time and the location we find ourselves. I do not like to judge anyone cos I myself am not perfect. I just feel this stories will interest some people, so here we go...By the way, a Pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to a child or children.

*The king of R&B, the R in R&B, R Kelly started a relationship with an upcoming female singer (Aaliyah) in 1993, when she was 14, and he was 26. They got married when she was 15 and he was 27. The marriage was annulled shortly afterwards. It was later discovered that R.Kelly opted to marry Aaliyah as she had gotten pregnant, and he felt it was the right thing to do. It was later ascertained that an STD that she had gotten from Kelly led to her missing her period, and she really wasn't pregnant. So, they ended the marriage.

*The third president of America, Thomas Jefferson had a child (maybe children) with his slave-maid, Sally Hemings; he was 46 and she was just 15 years old.

*The king of Rock N Roll, Elvis Presley started dating Priscilla when she was just 14, and he was 25. She moved into his Graceland mansion 2 years later, and they got married when she was 21. The strange thing about the Elvis story is that it was said that he had a lot of 13 and 14 year old female friends visiting him at his home all the time. And he would invite them to his room for pillow fights and talks. The older females he dated said he rarely requested sex, and was more interested in just talking. There is a theory that he was gay and spent time with younger females who he felt wont ask him for sex. It's just a theory.

*Actor, screen writer, director, Woody Allen is another person that is said to be really a lover of very young girls. His adopted daughter with Mia Farrow, Dylan Farrow recently accused him of sexually molesting her as a kid...starting as early as when she was 7. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen had adopted Dylan shortly after they started dating in 1980. Their relationship lasted 12 years, and it ended when Mia found some naked pictures of her other adopted daughter (Soon-Yi) in Allen's possession in 1992. Soon-Yi was 20 at the time, and Allen, was 57. It is rumored that Woody Allen had started a sexual relationship with Soon-Yi when she was in her teens. Allen later married Soon-Yi in 1997. Last year, Allen's own biological son (Ronan Farrow) whom he had with Mia Farrow, who is technically Soon-Yi's brother tweeted..."Happy father's day- or as they call it in my family, happy brother-in-law's day." Get it?

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Britain's Hidden Agenda During Colonial Rule in Nigeria...Words from Harold Smith

I love my brothers from the east. I love my brothers from the north...I love my brothers from all over the country. As long as we are all Nigerian's, we are one. But sometimes I stop and think...maybe we were never meant to be. I remember back when I was in Unilag, I was finishing up my project, and had to go and see my supervisor at the senior staff club. On the same table with me, out of not finding anyone to listen to his stories, a Linguistics Professor spoke to me about how the western part of Nigeria extended to most parts of west Africa (Republic of Benin, Togo, Ghana...). And also how the powerful northern part of the country also covered some parts that has been cut-off. He spoke extensively on how all the regions operated independent independently, and could have stood alone as individual countries The bottom-line of his discussion was that Nigeria was not meant to be; the colonial masters put together different people, of diverse cultures, religions, and beliefs and made them one. It is only natural that conflict will prevail after a while.

Yesterday, on twitter, a lady activist by the name Ronke Kosoko, put up a couple of tweets about an old interview with Harold Smith (Past colonial officer), which exposed the hidden plans of the British Colonial masters during their time in Nigeria. I did some digging after reading her tweets, and found excerpts from the interview she got the quotes from. Read this revealing revelations below-

“I am in my 80s now; I have agreed but in the past ‘they’ did not want me to say anything, but now I don’t want to go to my grave without telling the truth about the atrocities perpetrated in Africa by the colonialists...

"...Our agenda was to completely exploit Africa. Nigeria was my duty post. When we assessed Nigeria, this was what we found in the southern region; strength, intelligence, determination to succeed, well established history, complex but focused life style, great hope and aspirations… the East is good in business and technology, the west is good in administration and commerce, law and medicine, but it was a pity we planned our agenda to give power “at all cost” to the northerner. They seemed to be submissive and silly of a kind. Our mission was accomplished by destroying the opposition at all fronts. The west led in the fight for the independence, and was punished for asking for freedom. They will not rule Nigeria..."

"...the Census results were announced before they were counted. Despite seeing vast land with no human but cattle in the north, we still gave the north 55 million instead of 32 Million. This was to be used to maintain their majority votes and future power bid. He stated that the West without Lagos was the most populous in Nigeria at that time but we ignored that. The north was seriously encouraged to go into the military. According to him, they believe that the south may attend western education, but future leaders will always come from military background. Their traditional rulers were to be made influential and super human. The northerners were given accelerated promotions both in the military and civil service to justify their superiority over the south. Everything was to work against the south. We truncated their good plan for their future. “I was very sorry for the A.G; it was a great party too much for African standard. We planned to destroy Awolowo and Azikwe well, the west and the east and sowed a seed of discord among them”. We tricked Azikwe into accepting to be president having known that Balewa will be the main man with power. Awolowo has to go to jail to cripple his genius plans for a greater Nigeria..."

"...‘It was my duty to carry out all of the above and I was loyal to my country. Nigerians should try to be loyal to their country leaders and followers alike. Love your country. You have got the potentials to be great again and the whole world knows this’.

I am sorry for the above evil done to Nigeria. I can’t say sorry enough……"


Harold Smith past on in 2011. Below are some words from his wife carol, at his funeral.

‘It wasn’t a difficult decision for Harold.  He was there in Nigeria to serve the interests of the Nigerian people.   He knew what he was being asked to do was illegal.  There was never any doubt in Harold’s mind that he could do anything other than what he did.’

Watch the full interview here

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Babatunde Fashola Speaks On Aftermath of Nelson Mandela's Death

Following Nelson Mandela's death 5 days ago, a lot of world leaders, and important dignitaries all over the world have commented on the selfless life Mandela lived. Even people from countries that supported what Mandela fought against have had a lot to say. Deeply touched that the part Nigeria played in liberating South African's from the white supremacists is not being recognized in this generation, Lagos state governor, Babatunde Fashola had some words to share. In a recent interview with journalists yesterday, Babatunde Raji Fashola spoke on this, saying...

“There are more questions to answer. When you look at the part of the world where ovation is now the loudest, it was the part of the world the pain was the most vicious. In a very cruel irony, history is being revised. The people, who collaborated with the government that enthroned apartheid at that time, are the people that are paying the biggest tributes now. But I ask myself: is this not the time for deep reflection? I doubt if any African country expended as much time, as much money and as much commitment as the Nigerian Government."

"I was a teenager then in 1976 when anti-apartheid campaign really gained resurgence in every home in this country. Nigeria paid a huge price for what South Africa has become today. I remember the anti-apartheid campaign was at the core of Nigerian foreign policy.Apart from scholarship given to South Africans, I remember President Yar’Adua met Thabo Mbeki in South Africa and he was telling me about their relationship, which he said was dated to when Mbeki used to come to Zaria for student exchange programme. I remember we did not go for Commonwealth Games because of South Africa. I remember we took drastic measures against the foreign collaborators of apartheid regime and nationalised assets.” 

Monday, 9 December 2013

American Judge Sentenced to 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System

An American Judge from the state of Pennsylvania has been sentenced to 28 years in prison for selling kids to the prison system. The judge was collecting bribes from individuals who owned private prisons, and wrongfully sentencing kids (Juvenile) to prison for a cool payment from his business partners. Hmm! Corruption at its heights. This was exactly what Kanye West was rapping about on New Slaves (off his Yeezus album)...

Meanwhile the DEA, teamed up with the CCA
They try and lock niggaz up, they try and make new state
See that's that privately-owned prisons, get yo' piece today
They prob'ly all in the Hamptons, braggin 'bout they made

Read the full story on the Pennsylvanian judge below...

Mark Ciavarella Jr, a 61-year old former judge in Pennsylvania, has been sentenced to nearly 30 years in prison for literally selling young juveniles for cash. He was convicted of accepting money in exchange for incarcerating thousands of adults and children into a prison facility owned by a developer who was paying him under the table. The kickbacks amounted to more than $1 million.
The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has overturned some 4,000 convictions issued by him between 2003 and 2008, claiming he violated the constitutional rights of the juveniles – including the right to legal counsel and the right to intelligently enter a plea. Some of the juveniles he sentenced were as young as 10-years old.
Ciavarella was convicted of 12 counts, including racketeering, money laundering, mail fraud and tax evasion. He was also ordered to repay $1.2 million in restitution.
His “kids for cash” program has revealed that corruption is indeed within the prison system, mostly driven by the growth in private prisons seeking profits by any means necessary. (

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Kanye West Says He Will Be a Bigger Hero Than Nelson Mandela

I still love his music, but I have been neglecting a lot of his rants. I think every artist has that crazy side, but Kanye West's crazy side is going into insane overdrive. In a recent interview WCGI radio in Chicago yesterday, he said he was going to end up a bigger hero than Nelson Mandela. He was asked who he thought, on the world stage today could possible replace Nelson Mandela in terms of leadership, and he answered with...

“I am the next Nelson Mandela. I’m only 36 years old, and when I look at everything I’ve accomplished, it’s the only comparison that makes any sense. By the time I’m 95, I’m going to be a bigger hero than he ever was. Nelson Mandela did a lot of good work, don’t get me wrong. But I think I’m on track to do something even bigger. I liberate minds with my music. That’s more important than liberating a few people from apartheid or whatever.
Not to say Mandela wasn’t for real. I have mad respect. I just think we need to keep things in perspective here. Anyone can be replaced. And I think I’m well on my way towards being the next great black leader. I’m already worshiped around the world. And there’s more to come.”

The interviewer got furious with Kanye,and asked if he had actually participated in any civil rights activities, and Kanye said...

“I’ve blazed a trail with my career. I faced mad racism when I entered this profession. I mean how many black rappers can you name that came before me? I was a pioneer. And now I’m doing the same thing in the fashion world. Not to mention I have a bigger market than he ever did. Mandela was working in South Africa, which has, like what, six people? I started my magic here in the USA and then I took my business global. Worldwide baby.
“I just want everyone out there to know. I see y’all crying on the TV. Being all sad. Just know that Kanye’s gonna carry on Mandela’s legacy. There’s nothing to worry about. I got this.

Whoa! I have no comments. No comments, mehn!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Meagan Good- The Sexiest Preacher's Wife in History

Hollywood actress, Meagan Good has to be the sexiest preacher's wife in history. She is currently married to Seventh-day Adventist preacher, Devon Franklin, and says she is now a born again Christian. But, I find her dressing quite out of the ordinary for a preacher's wife. Well, maybe I wouldn't have so much of a problem with her if she and her husband haven't said on countless interviews that they practice celibacy, and that they encourage other people to do the same. How can you preach celibacy but sell sex with the way you dress. I guess there is a big difference between spiritual maturity, and just being religious.

She recently did a photo shoot for Complex Magazine, and you can check out some of the pics below

Controversial Quotes From Nelson Mandela You Probably Never Heard Of

It was Bill Cosby who said- 'I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.' You can't be a freedom fighter without making enemies with those who want to continue the wrongful treatment of your can't be a man fighting for the masses and not make enemies with people who indirectly benefit from what you are fighting against. And of cos, in Nelson Mandela's (God bless his soul) fight against Apartheid, he had many enemies...many enemies, some who, after his death are making the world believe they were always best of friends. Read this article below filled with some very controversial quotes from the great Nelson Mandela...A.K.A Madiba.

Prior to the US invasion of Iraq, Mandela slammed the actions of the US at a speech made at the International Women’s Forum in Johannesburg, declaring that former President George W. Bush’s primary motive was ‘oil’, while adding that Bush was undermining the UN.
“If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings,” Mandela said.

Mandela did not hold back from making hard-hitting statements against the US, and repeatedly spoke out against the prospect of the country invading Iraq. As the US prepared its mass-action in 2002, Mandela told Newsweek:
“If you look at those matters, you will come to the conclusion that the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace.”

Mandela was a long-time supporter of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and made a speech to reporters in 1999, in which he agreed to be a political mediator between Israel and its neighbors.
“Israel should withdraw from all the areas which it won from the Arabs in 1967, and in particular Israel should withdraw completely from the Golan Heights, from south Lebanon and from the West Bank,”Mandela stated, according to the Jewish Telegraph Agency’s Suzanne Belling.
Mandela met with Fidel Castro in 1991, giving a speech alongside him entitled “How Far We Slaves Have Come.” The country was commemorating the 38th anniversary of the storming of the Moncada, and Mandela hailed Cuba’s ‘special place’ in the heart of the people of Africa, its revolution, and how far the country had come.
“From its earliest days, the Cuban Revolution has also been a source of inspiration to all freedom-loving people. We admire the sacrifices of the Cuban people in maintaining their independence and sovereignty in the face of the vicious imperialist-orchestrated campaign to destroy the impressive gain made in the Cuban Revolution….Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live comrade Fidel Castro.”
Mandela urged for the end to harsh UN sanctions imposed upon Libya in 1997, and pledged his support for Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, who was a longtime supporter of his.
“It is our duty to give support to the brother leader…especially in regards to the sanctions which are not hitting just him, they are hitting the ordinary masses of the people … our African brothers and sisters,”Mandela said.

On the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, December 4. 1997, Mandela assembled a group “as South Africans, our Palestinian guests and as humanists to express our solidarity with the people of Palestine.” At the speech, he called for the metaphorical flames of solidarity, justice, and freedom to be kept burning.
“The UN took a strong stand against apartheid; and over the years, an international consensus was built, which helped to bring an end to this iniquitous system. But we know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” (

Friday, 6 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 3

Read part 1 & 2 here- One and Two

So, I was talking to God one day, and my friend hit me up with an IM on facebook about her sister being in Labor. I continued to chat with her and speak with God at the same time. The girl asked me to pray for her sister, that she was scared cos the labor was taking too long. So, I told God about it (ofcos I didn't tell the girl I was talking to God). Then He (God) told me the lady in woman in labor was going to be alright, and that she would deliver a baby girl. Well, that is a 50/50 is either a boy a girl, but I told the girl anyway. I told her I just got an inspiration and that her sister will be okay, and that she would have a baby girl.

My friend was happy and angry at the same time; she thanked me for saying her sister would be okay, but she said the sister already had a girl, and that they really wanted a boy. I said, well, I am sorry to tell you this, but I am 100% sure your sister is going to have a baby girl. Knowing that I wasn't necessarily a saint, or a prophet or anything, she dismissed my claims and change the subject. So, I asked God to tell me something else surrounding the woman in labor that would make my friend believe me. So, He told me the mother of the baby girl (my friend’s sister) is going to name the girl Joy.

I lost my phone a couple of days after chatting with her, and I wasn't in touch with her for a while. When I eventually got a new phone, and added her, she asked- ‘Who Are You?’ I told her, its me Kay, your friend. But, she said she knows my name and that I am her friend on facebook, but she wanted to know if I was some type of spirit. It happened that her sister had given birth to a baby girl a few hours after we stopped chatting, and then when she was trying to get in touch me to let me know it was indeed a girl, i disappeared. She couldn't get me on facebook, or through my two numbers. So, I told her again that it was an inspiration I got, and that anyone could also get the inspirations from God if they wanted to be a chanel...if he/she listened to God.

She later told me that the girl’s name was favor or something...I can’t remember, but it definitely wasn't Joy. I told her that was impossible. She asked what I meant by that, and let me know that the naming had already been done, and that was what the baby had been bearing for some weeks now. I was confused, because I knew God couldn't be wrong. So, during our further discussions, she let her sister know that she had finally got in touch with me. She also told her sister about the supposed name we were having an argument about, and her sister was dumbfounded. We got to know that that was the name the mother actually gave the child, and was meant to be her first name, but the father wanted her to be called another name instead. We learnt that she even had a heated argument with the husband over this.

Long story short, the lady invited me over, as she said she had to see the Prophet that knew her baby before she was born. Sometime in 2011, I went over to their home, and held the baby in my arms. This is just one other story that proves that I really have been talking to God. My friend is still on my facebook list, and if she is reading this, I would love for her to comment in support of this story.

About the lessons about that life that I learnt from God, I can sum it up in one short paragraph.

During the course of  your life on Earth, what ever you do on Earth, whether Good or Bad, you will reap the fruits of it on this Earth. Treat your neighbor as you would thy self...your neighbor could be your friend or an enemy.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Twin Boys Marry Twin Girls On The Same Day

Yea, this is definitely something Out Of The don't hear news like this every day. A set of twins eloped with another set of twins. Who found who first? Was it that Taiye used to follow kehinde to see his girlfriend, and then he found out that Kenny's girlfriend actually had a twin sister? This reminds me of when me (Kayode Odusanya) and my friend Kayode Ogunnusi were asking out this set of twins back in school. I had the Taiye and my friend was chasing Kehinde. Well, we aren't twins, but were pretty much like brothers back then and went by the same first names.

Anyway, check out the pics of the wedding day of Chinonso Akinade Okueze and Chibuzor Adelakin Okowenze, with their brides, Folawemi Taiwo Okuniyi and Febisola Kehinde Okuniyi. The wedding ceremony went down at Foursquare Gospel church Omole, Ikeja, last week Saturday (November 30th, 2013). What a wonderful sight.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 2

If you haven't read the first part, I'd advice you do so before continuing- My Conversations With God- Part 1

After my cousin had settled in, I asked her how she had gotten here so early from Abeokuta. I also asked why she didn't call before heading over. She said she had been tired of home and wanted to go somewhere new for a couple of weeks, and that she suddenly woke up at around 3 a.m with the inspiration to pack her things and move. She said she had her bath, and left her house at about 3:30 am. "How did you get a bus at that time?" I asked her. She said she just started walking to the bus stop without thinking of how she was going to get a bus, and then a man she knew in the area parked his car in front of her. Long story short, he was heading to Lagos, and he volunteered to take her down.

She got to Iyana Ipaja bus stop (Along Abeokuta express) around 5 am, and got a straight bus going to our neighborhood. That was how she got to our house; and that was the one ultimate sign God used to win me over. God bless her soul- Bisola passed away 3 weeks ago. It was while thinking of the time I spent with her that I remembered how I stared my conversations with God.

So, the conversations went on, and I asked more and more questions from God. Some I can't remember, but most I rephrased and put on my facebook wall over the years. They say you don't remember what people say to you, but definitely remember how they made you feel. I want to share another story related to my relationship with God. Please note that at this point, God was like my buddy, and there was no aspect of my life I couldn't discuss with him. On this very occasion, about 3 years ago, I was seeing a girl, but her response to me wasn't how I would like it to be. So, I spoke to God about it.

Me- 'God, I have this girl I like so much.'

God- 'Then what seems to be the problem?'

Me- 'I don't know if she likes me enough.'

God- 'Hmm!'

Me- 'I just want to know if she is the one for me.'

God- 'To be honest with you, there is no one true love out there, so, depending on the kind of person you are at any particular time, you get the perfect match for you.'

Me- 'Hmm!'

God- 'So, the person you are speaking of, what exactly do you want to know about her?'

Kay- 'I like her very much, but I know I am not everything she wants right now, I just want to know if she would be worth planning for in the future.'

God- 'Yes, she is.'

Kay- 'She is? Are you sure?'

God- 'There you go again, always doubting. I know what works for you is unbelievable signs from me, right?'

Kay- 'lol! Yea. Can you...give me a sign before the end of today (Saturday).

God- 'Okay.'

Kay- 'I am not going out today, so I don't know how the sign will come, but...'

God- 'Don't worry, you will get your unbelievable sign before the end of today.

So, i went on my daily activities in the house, and about 2 hours after my conversation with God, my phone rang. It was a young boy, and he was asking if he was speaking with Olumide (that is my middle name). I said yes, and he said he didn't know why he was calling, but he just got the number from his sister's phone and called me. It was strange, and i questioned him more. He still said he didn't know why he was calling. Why would someone just pick up his sister's phone and call a random number on there. So, I remembered I was waiting for a sign from God. I asked him for his sister's name, and he said 'Monica.' I sighed. That was her second name; I mean the girl I was talking to God about. The day we met, for some funny reason, we had agreed to call each other by our second names.

I called her up immediately, and told her everything; she was speechless. She started telling all her friends, because this was something spiritual, if nothing else. We agreed to meet and speak on the issue extensively. I wont like to go on with this matter, I just wanted to tell another story related to how God convinced me he was the one speaking with me. The girl is on my facebook friend list, and if she is reading this, I would love for her to verify my claims concerning this story.

For those who want to hear some serious stories, and not a love story, I am sorry if I disappointed you. But I will surely give you some serious stories in the last and concluding post. The concluding article in this series, which is going to be third will have two more stories, and a few lessons about life I learnt from God.

My Conversations with God Part 3

Monday, 2 December 2013

My Conversations With God- Part 1

This post is not for everyone, but if you have an open your mind, you might grasp a truth. I actually wanted to write a book on this, but since the conversations are still ongoing, I decided to write an article about it. Please note that this is a very touchy subject for me to write about because of how close-minded a lot of people can be, but I have tried to tone down my language of explanation on this particular matter. Yes, there is already a book of the same title in stores. And yes, I was inspired by the book. But everything in this post is real, I didn't make up anything, and It is definitely not my imagination.

Like the author (Neale Donald Walsch) of the book that inspired this post, I might not believe in some teachings and beliefs of current religions, but I do believe in a supreme being. And my belief is that he always speaks to us all, if we would just listen. He speaks to us through different means...some times, he might speak to you through a friend, a stranger; or he might whisper some things in your mind, like that voice that sometimes speak to you in your head. But, he, the all knowing, is always with you. And you don't really need to climb a mountain, or fast for 40 days, or perform some specific rituals for you to hear him. But of course, if you believe you have to do all that for you to hear him or stay connected to him, then that is what will work for you. But, there is no set definite route to communicating with God. Maybe you have to quiet your mind to hear from him, but that is about it.

You must be wondering right now- 'Who is this guy to be speaking with such authority.' Some people might even shout 'BLASPHEMY!!!', or say I have lost my mind. I am not a pastor, and definitely not a saint in any way, so it would be hard to get people to take me serious. That is why I said at the beginning of the article that this post is not for everyone, but f you open your mind, you my grasp a truth in it.

About 5 years ago, I had just gotten home from my National Youth Service in Anambra state, and was a jobless graduate roaming the streets. I started spending my spare time reading a lot of books and articles. I wanted to understand the world, and know why I was here. I wanted to know what my purpose on Earth was. One day, I decided to read the Bible from front to back. It took me about half a year, cos I was always falling asleep while reading Exodus and the books that followed. But when I got to the New Testament, it all started to make sense. Anyway, i read the whole Bible, and instead of having a clear mind, I had a million and one more questions.

I had read about the frequency at which God spoke with Moses in the Bible, and i believed that if it was possible once, then it sure would be possible again. So, I started quieting my mind for several minutes a day, and believing in my mind that one day, I would hear the voice of God. One day, after several weeks of this practice, I started having a conversation with the voice in my head. It was asking me why I wasn't doing anything with the knowledge I had gotten already. I said I needed more knowledge, that I wanted to know it all. The voice then advised me to act on what I already knew, or I would become like many teachers of the past that only lived to know the answer, but never applied them in their own lives. I took a minute to examine my life, and discovered that that was exactly how my life was. I was pleased with just updating my facebook wall with wise words, but I rarely applied them in my own life.

After a few minutes of speaking with the voice in head, I asked it how come it knew so much, and where the knowledge was coming from. It then said, I have been searching for what was never lost. I asked what he meant, and he asked- 'Aren't you searching for something?' And I said yes, and he said, he is that. Okay, at that moment, I was confused, and asked a more direct question- 'Are you God?' And he said, yes.

At that moment, I took a deep breath, and shook my head. I thought I was loosing it. I didn't say anything again, and started reasoning with my left brain, thinking of how this could be possible, and then he said, 'you can never get the answer there.' Then I said, okay, give me a sign. Do something unbelievable...something so out of the ordinary that I would have to accept that this is not just my imagination. He then said, if he did just anything, my rational mind would still term it a coincidence, but that I should choose anything I wanted to happen; Anything I felt was almost impossible. It was about 11:30 pm, and I was still staying at my parents house at the time. So I thought for a minute about what I could ask him to do. Then I came up with an idea. I said, 'I am about to fall asleep now, I want a visitor from out of town to wake me up before dawn.'

We weren't expecting any visitors any time soon, and definitely not tomorrow. And I thought there was no way someone would come to our house before daylight tomorrow that we had not already gotten a call from. I fell asleep shortly after telling God how I wanted him to prove he was the one speaking to me.

I was awoken by the sound of banging on the gate. It was still dark, and I checked my phone's clock, and saw it was 5:30 a.m. My dad was out his room as I made my way downstairs. He said it was probably the vigilantes, and that maybe they wanted to pass a message to him. I asked him to go back to sleep, that I would get the message. I got to the  gate, and took a deep breath before saying- 'Who is it?' The person said with a jovial voice, 'Kayode emi ni, Bisola.' Meaning, Kayode, it is me, Bisola. My heart skipped 10 beats.

Part 2

Saturday, 30 November 2013

8 Weird Facts You Might Not Know

Life is a journey, and as we go through it, we learn...we live and learn. There are some facts you might not know about life and all the elements we have encounters with on this journey through life. In this post, you will find 8 very enlightening and interesting facts about life you might not know.

8.  A male Lion mates up to 50 times a day.

7.  Honey does not spoil. I'm speaking of original honey, not the ones that might have been over-processed and had other ingredients added to it. Pure honey does not spoil, and you could eat 3,000 year old honey.

6.  Dogs can't see colors. They are color blind.

5.  The strongest bone in your body is the femur (Thighbone); It is stronger than concrete.

4.  Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting while he was alive, and it was to his brother. After his death, his paintings have become some of the most expensive pieces in art history. Most of his painting have been sold over a hundred million each at exhibitions across the world, over the years.

3.  A snail can sleep for three years straight.

2.  A cockroach can live for up to three weeks without its head.

1.  The brain overlooks the flaw of the person you are in love with, making it harder to leave them after they've hurt you.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Celebrity Crushes Of Most Nigerian Youths

I don't think you can know the mind of every youth in this country, but just like in secondary school Biology, we can take a sample to know which celebrities the majority of Nigerian youths have crushes for. So, I headed over to Nairaland, and there was a thread yesterday titled- Which Nigerian Celebrity Do You Have A Strong Crush On- i collated the information giving by over 200 people that commented on the thread, and  came up with some very interesting findings.

There were over 4 dozen celebrities mentioned, but I have selected the ones with the most mentions. Check out the list below.

Rita Dominic- 2

Tuface- 2

Genevieve Nnaji- 3

Desmond Elliot- 3

John Dumelo- 3

Flavour- 4

Stephenie Okereke- 4

Joseph Benjamin- 4

Osas- Ighodaro- 4

Wizkid- 4

Eva (rapper/singer)- 8

Omotola Jalade- 8

Chidinma (Singer)- 8

Tonto Dikeh- 12

Tiwa Savage- 17

Chidinma...i just love seeing that petite girl on screen; I love her confidence. I'm sure she has a lot of admirers from boys her age, she is a cute one. I must say I was surprised to see Tonto getting a lot of mentions...I thought guys didn't like her like that. I don't have any problem with her tho. And Tiwa...that didn't surprise me at all.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

18 Spookiest Comments From Children

Okay, if you know me, you know I love kids. I love that we underestimate what they actually know, that we don't. Maybe because they are still new in this world, and have a connection to the spiritual world. Sometimes when my 4 year old nephew says some things to me when we are alone, it is almost like there is someone talking through him...someone older...some sort of spirit. BOO!!! lol! Okay, I tried to scare you there. But what I said is true.

Anyway, I stumbled upon (on a couple of very spooky things children have told their parents...very scary I most say. I picked 18 of them for your entertainment...or should I say for your terror....Muwhahaha!

18. My daughter said to me that there is a woman who watches her watch movies in her room and sleeps on the ceiling above her bed when she sleeps. She also says it does not like me and wants to eat my heart. My kid watches Elmo and fucking Dinosaur Train. Where in the hell did she get this from?

17. My then 2-year-old daughter used to scream in the night, and told my wife and I it was because she was visited by a lady. A few weeks later, she stopped screaming. Off handedly, I asked if the lady had stopped coming. She answered "No, she's just nice now. Her name is Shelia. She sleeps in my bed sometimes."
A year later, my youngest daughter turned 2 and started having the same screaming fits. Talking to her, she described the same lady named "Shelia".
Skip forward 3 years. We'd never talked with our kids about it, figuring there had to be some active imaginations and sibling story telling involved. Hadn't come up in at least 2 years. We moved with our three kids, including a 2.5 year old son. First night in the new house, he asked "Where will Shelia sleep now?"

16. I was sound asleep, and at around 6am I was woken up by my 4 year old daughters face inches from mine. She looked right into my eyes and whispered, "I want to peel all your skin off." The backstory here is I had been sunburned the previous week, and was starting to peel. In my sleep addled state however, it was pretty terrifying for a few seconds.

15. My 5 year old at the time had night terrors and would scream in her sleep. One night I said "mama's here its okay". She looked right at me still asleep and screamed "mama? But who is that behind you?"

14. A friend of mine's child told him, "Daddy, I love you so much that I want to cut your head off and carry it around so I can see your face whenever I want."

13. I don't have kids, but once, visiting some friends on a farm, my buddy's youngest girl (5 or 6) at the time, was afraid of the chickens. I tried to explain to her that the chickens weren't there to hurt us but she wasn't having it. So I'm sitting around the fire pit, looking at one of the chickens a few feet in front of me when I feel hot breath in my ear as she whispers: "See. He's always watching."

12. Walking through a graveyard to "visit" some departed family members, we walked across the grave of a baby boy who died shortly after being born. There's a family relationship, so we know for a fact the mother is still alive. My 4 year old son turned to my wife and said "Why is that baby crying? Why won't his mom hug him?"

11. I was tucking in my two year old. He said "Good bye dad." I said, "No, we say good night." He said "I know. But this time it's good bye."

10. My 3 year old nephew was at my cottage. He's asked me numerous times about the "girl over there" while pointing at one of the back bedrooms. The place is small, and there is definitely nobody there so I just dismiss it as a really active imagination (he has lots of imaginary friends).
Then some friends are visiting and they have a daughter around the same age. She has never met my nephew. Twice in the one day she asked about the "pretty girl" while pointing at the exact same room. Definitely caught me out and I didn't know what to think.
Then at Christmas my family was over at my place and my nephew points at a picture of my wife and asks if she is coming to visit us here or does she just stay at the cottage. My wife died ten years ago. Personally I don't really believe in paranormal stuff so it's probably just my logical brain putting together a bunch of kids ramblings but it definitely got my attention.

9.  My daughter got in trouble one day when she was about 2. I don't even remember what she did, but the consequence to her actions was that she could not play on the front porch, she had to go inside. She was very angry, turned to me, with her little face all bright red, pointed and literally GROWLED "It's all over for yoooooouuuuu"       

8.  My niece said something like this to my mom once. When she was about 3 she said "Remember when I used to be your grandmom?"

7.  Why are you crying?
"Bad man"
What bad man?
"There." Points behind me at a dark corner of the room
Lamp on bookshelf next to said darkened corner falls off as soon as I turn to look. 

6.  My co-worker's four year old daughter always thought that the rattling of the water pipes in the kitchen cupboards were "white wolves" and the sound always scared her.
One day she was sitting at the kitchen table and she said, "Mom. The white wolves aren't bad... they're our friends!"
Her mom encouraged the idea by saying, "Yes! The white wolves are protecting us. They are our friends."
Then her daughter added in, "They're our friends, but not the man who crawls on the floor and stands by my bed".

5.  When I was a waitress, I watched a little girl (4ish) stab her plastic fork into her sandwich repeatedly, saying "die die die die die die". When I asked her what she was doing (her mom was in the bathroom for a minute), she replied with a straight face, "I like to kill things, but mom says I shouldn't. So I picked the ham because it can't scream."

4.  When my son was little he, maybe 3, he used to do this weird crawl where he would slide his forehead along the floor. That was pretty creepy in itself. Then one night he crawled across the hallway into my room like that and stood up a few inches from my face and made a weird meow sound. He got into bed with me and went to sleep. Another time he was freaking out about a monster in the basement so we went down and saw nothing, of course, and as I turned out the light and headed upstairs and he said "Hes right behind us now." I might have peed a little. Possibly the creepiest thing he did was one day I scolded him for misbehaving so he hid his head under his blanket. I pretended I couldn't find him by saying "Where is my little Carson?" He slowly lowered the blanket and with a dead evil stare said, "Carson is gone, I am Rick." I'm certain he's possessed. We never knew any Ricks, as far I can remember. Still don't. Never figured out where he picked up the name.

3.  I was tucking my 3-year-old son into bed and asking what was his favorite part of the day... Son: "It was playing with that man." Me: "What man?" Son: "THAT man" <points to empty corner of his bedroom...which is on the upstairs floor of our old house>

2.  When my oldest was about 3 years old I had a really weird dream where an alien was trying to take my son. I was lying in bed watching this alien take him by the hand and started taking off towards the window. When I went to scream I woke up. Here is the creepy part....I wake up to find my 3 year old turning on the night light in our room. He turns to look at me and says "oh, its ok mommy. The alien is gone." .....I didn't sleep for the rest of the night.

1.  Kid (4 year old): I want a cupcake
Me: No.
Kid: I want a cupcake, please?
Me: No.
Kid: Whispers If you give me a cupcake I wont cut your neck.

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